Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR)

SIPR is a strategic collaboration between 14 of Scotland's universities and the Police Service of Scotland, offering a range of opportunities for conducting relevant, applicable research to help the police meet the challenges of the 21st century and for achieving international excellence for policing research in Scotland.

Latest Additions

 The Fourth SIPR-Police Scotland Postgraduate Awards - 3 December 2018

We are pleased to invite Academics and Practitioners to attend the 4th SIPR-Police Scotland Postgraduate Awards, when PhD and MSc students involved in policing-related research projects will be presenting their research.


SIPC 2018: Policing and Public Health: opportunities and challenges - 4 December 2018

REGISTRATION is now open for the Scottish International Policing Conference, which will be held on 4th December  2018 in Edinburgh.  The James Smart Memorial Lecture will be given by Professor Nick Crofts.  THE CONFERENCE IS FREE BUT PLACES ARE LIMITED AND MUST BE BOOKED.


 Procedural Justice in Policing: Insights, Complexities and Future Priorities

Please see this call for papers for a one-day symposium – 'Procedural Justice in Policing: Insights, Complexities and Future Priorities' –  to be held in Scotland on 5th December 2018. This event, which is co-funded by the British Society of Criminology and the Scottish Institute for Policing Research, will be free to attend.


Addressing the Future Research Challenges in Forensics: CALL FOR PROJECTS up to £10,000 (deadline for applications, 25 January 2019)


Local Approaches to Policing: Police Community Relations Collaborative Project Fund:  CALL FOR PROJECTS up to £20,000 (deadline for applications, 28 September 2018)



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Recent and current projects

The activities of SIPR are organized around four thematic networks. Please follow the links to view a range of research projects being carried out by SIPR members:

Police-Community Relations

focusing on the relationships between police and different social, cultural and economic communities

Evidence and Investigation

focusing on the role of the police in the recovery, interpretation and effective use of intelligence and evidence in the investigation of crime

Education and Leadership

focusing on the internal dynamics of police organisations, including issues of management, policy and leadership

Public Protection

focusing on research on policing and public protection and links with other bodies to influence policy and practice