Public Protection Network Grant Recipients

8th December 2021

Public Protection Network Grant Recipients

The Scottish Institute for Policing Research is delighted to announce the results of the Public Protection Network Research Grants.

A rigorous review process with senior Scottish and International academics as well as representatives for Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority agreed to award over £27,000 to two original research projects:

Dr Oonagh O’Brien and Emmaleena Käkelä at the Institute for Global Health and Development Queen Margaret University for their project “Pathways of Trust: Help Seeking for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Scotland”. This project aims to develop new knowledge on FGM affected communities’ perceptions of help-seeking and community-police relations. It will also explore women’s strategies and experiences of help-seeking for FGM and other forms of GBV.

Professor Sarah Pedesen and Dr Natascha Mueller-Hirth at Robert Gordon University for their project “The impact of COVID-19 on partnerships between police and GBV service providers in remote, rural and island communities in Scotland”. This project will project investigate how partnerships between police and GBV support organisations in remote, rural and island Scotland worked to support GBV survivors during the pandemic.

Public Protection network lead and SIPR Associate Director Professor Lesley McMillan, who oversaw the grant process, stated:

“The purpose of these grants is to support the creation of original and innovative research which focusses on challenges and emerging issues related to Public Protection particularly within Scotland, but also internationally. We are delighted to fund both Professor Pedersen and Dr O’Brien’s projects. Their work meets key knowledge gaps within Scottish Policing and we believe that the research created here will highly-impactful. Congratulations to both teams!”

SIPR is looking forward to supporting this research through the life of the projects and beyond and will share fundings on our website as they become available.