Recent SIPR Reports

A list of the recent SIPR publications from the last 12 months

Evaluation of Extended Use and Deployment of Conductive Energy Devices (Tasers) to non-Firearms Officers within Police Scotland 

Professor Ross Deuchar Dr Liz Frondigoun Dr Catherine Davidones 

Researchers have revealed the findings of studies into the introduction of Police Scotland’s extended use of tasers and a new deployment model for Armed Response Vehicles (ARV), including fresh recommendations for the national force.

The taser research – commissioned by Police Scotland and undertaken by the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) – aimed to evaluate the first six months of deployment, including the perceived projected advantages and drawbacks of the rollout.

A particular focus was the extent to which perceived “resilience, confidence and personal safety” among Scotland’s Specially Trained Officers (STOs) was enhanced.

Another key objective of the study – which primarily sought the views of STOs both before and after their initial 16-20 week period of deployment with the device – was to identify any remaining challenges with the rollout and make recommendations for the future.