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Practitioner Fellowships

Domestic Abuse

Fellowship Practitioner Detective Chief Inspector Brian Johnston (Central Scotland Police)

Fellowship Sponsor Chief Superintendent Allan Moffat (Central Scotland Police)

Academic Researcher Professor Michele Burman (Glasgow University)e

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The Central Scotland Police Strategic Assessment 2011-2015, clearly indicates that Public Protection as a key priority for the force. Tackling Domestic Abuse is one of those Public Protection priorities. Analysis of current domestic abuse working practices indicates that there is a gap in provision in respect of how repeat offenders are managed in the community and how early and effective methods of practice can be used as an alternative to prosecution.

Terms of Reference:

To examine areas of good practice in Northern European Countries in respect of the police and multi agency response to Domestic Abuse. In particular the management of repeat offenders and multi agency early intervention schemes that are in existence as an alternative to prosecution (i.e. male intervention schemes).

The outcome of the research is to recommend improvements in policing and multi agency practices that can be implemented in Scotland.

Research Scope:

The following areas are to be considered within the scope of the research-

  • Northern European countries (in particular Scandinavia) and the Policing models and practices in respect of tackling Domestic Abuse, early intervention practices that exist, management of repeat offenders and the interface between the police and multi agency partners i.e. healthcare/social services/court services.