Support to Access External Funding

This scheme is a work in progress and we encourage all researchers to get in touch if you would like to discuss how the scheme might work or makle suggestions in ensuring the efficiacy and value of the scheme.

If you feel that SIPR could provide you with assistance in preparing an application to leverage external funds, for example by writing a letter of support or agreeing to co-fund knowledge exchange or dissemination activities (in the event an application was successful) please get in touch with Monica Boyle or Dr Liz Aston to discuss further.

SIPR's Previous Scheme for European Research Support

This work will build on an existing SIPR scheme which provides funds for travel and subsistence to assist with the preparation of external grants. This was initially limited to European funding but that is no longer the case
SIPR launched its Engagement in European Policing Research Programme to offset non-recoverable costs involved in preparing proposals at the pre-award stages. Each EEPR application can be for a maximum of £2,000 for any one proposal.

SIPR's Proposed Scheme for All External Funding

SIPR is seeking to develop a scheme which will support Scottish policing researchers to leverage external research grant income.
Throughout this year SIPR will scope the scheme's purpose and processes and identify what activities will be of most value to academics in order to support the generation of external income for policing research, beyond the support already available in HEIs. This scheme will be designed to assist in the preparation of high-quality proposals to secure external funding and could potentially be used to offset non-recoverable costs involved at the pre-award stages, including for example:

  • small proof of concept grants;
  • some teaching relief;
  • funding to support the provision of specialist equipment or software;
  • travel grants;
  • facilitating the development of consortia partnership and collaborators (e.g. funding travel and subsistence of prospective project partners to attend preparatory meetings and workshops); and
  • funding Knowledge Exchange/ Dissemination components within applications etc.

If you have feedback or ideas about how this proposed scheme could best operate please get in touch with Monica Boyle.