Research Activities

Improving Police Action through Knowledge Transfer (IMPAKT) and Strategic Research and Knowledge Exchange (SRAKE) Programmes

SRAKE Awards, January to May 2013

Following the launch of a competition in September 2012, the following three Awards were made:

IMPAKT Awards, March 2012

Following the launch of a competition in November 2011, the following three Awards were made in March 2012:

Information about IMPAKT and SRAKE

SIPR has a commitment to maximise the impact on policy and practice of the outcomes of policing research. The purpose of the IMPAKT Programme is to provide support to researchers in Scottish HEIs to undertake knowledge transfer/exchange and impact generating activities in partnership with the Scottish police service. The knowledge exchange activity must be focused on promoting the application of policing research to address one or more of the priorities outlined in the Scottish Policing Assessment and should help to facilitate the co-production and application of knowledge.

Please note that this Programme is not designed to fund new research but is for new knowledge exchange and impact generating activity

Building on the above initiative, in Autumn 2012, SIPR invited proposals for research and knowledge exchange projects focused on issues relevant to one or more of the priorities outlined in the Scottish Policing Assessment. Consideration was also given to proposals that lay outwith the SPA, but applicants needed to make a case for why their proposal was of strategic importance.


During the first phase of SIPR's development (2007-2011) there has been significant investment in new research on policing in Scotland. This has been achieved via a combination of initiatives - support for PhD studentships, Post Doctoral Research Assistants, a Small Research Grant Programme, and success in bidding for external research funding (from research councils, European Union etc). The cumulative product of this investment has been the creation of a much broader, deeper and more robust evidence base for policing policy and practice in Scotland than existed in the past.

Throughout the first phase of development, SIPR has also made significant investment in knowledge exchange using a variety of mechanisms (seminars/workshops, CPD activities, annual conference and lecture, briefing papers etc). There have also been significant local and thematic initiatives such as the Edinburgh Police Practice and Research Group and work on community policing.

In SIPR's Strategic Plan 2010-2015, there is a commitment to aligning SIPR's research and knowledge exchange activities more closely with the strategic priorities of Scottish policing. Rather than the police simply being reactive to ideas brought to them by the research community, the aim is for the police to be more proactive in identifying key areas where there are gaps in their knowledge. In developing this approach, there has been close dialogue between SIPR Executive and ACPOS around aligning SIPR's research and knowledge exchange programme with the ACPOS Scottish Policing Assessment (SPA). Via a process of risk analysis and consultation with key stakeholders, the SPA provides an analysis of the priorities for Scottish Policing over a 4 year period (although it is updated on annual basis). It is the SPA which therefore informs the priorities for the research and KE activity funded directly by SIPR via the investment by ACPOS.

Aims of the Programme

  • To promote the application of research to, and the co-production of research with, the police service in Scotland;
  • To increase the opportunities for research to make an impact on policy and practice;
  • Provide the police with research-informed evidence to develop and review strategic, operational and management practices;


The programme is open to all academic staff based in the 12 HEIs within SIPR.

The current round of Awards is now complete.