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Studentship Opportunities


In partnership with: SIPR/Police Scotland/Social Work Scotland and the University of Dundee and Glasgow Caledonian University

Applications to be submitted by 14 February 2020

Police Scotland and Social Work Scotland have created a new approach to the Joint Investigative Interviewing of children (The Scottish Child Interview Process) and have developed a new Joint Investigative Interviewing Training (JIIT) programme to support this. The studentships will contribute to the evaluation of this project and the students will be re gistered with the University of Dundee for a Master of Research (M.Res) postgraduate degree. Glasgow Caledonian University will also provide tutorial support. All relevant stakeholders are committed to this evaluation, ensuring that the standard of interviewing children is of the highest quality, is child centred and creates the conditions for securing best evidence from child victims and witnesses so that children and their families have confidence in the child protection and criminal justice systems.

This is a highly sensitive area of work and applicants will be required to bring high levels of insight and creativity regarding method and approach. We are offering two studentships and each will focus on a distinct aspect of the evaluation. Both students will work together with their tutors to ensure project cohesion. One project will likely focus on the social work and relational aspects of the JII process and the other will focus on evidential aspects of the process.
Applications are invited from suitably experienced professionals with a relevant degree or equivalent. Interested applicants will likely have an interest in Joint Investigative Interviewing and have experience of working in child protection or policing. Support will be offered from Police Scotland and Social Work Scotland.

For initial discussion please contact:
Dr Lynn Kelly, University of Dundee: or
Dr Sharon Jackson, Glasgow Caledonian University: