Thematic Networks

Network 3: Education and Leadership

The Aims of this Network are to promote research in police education and leadership development; to support Police Scotland with research in education and leadership towards increased professionalism and capability; and to address issues of professional education and CPD.

  • Education refers to initial education as well as career-long professional development, workplace learning, and organisational learning.
  • Leadership refers to leadership practices and capabilities in all levels and aspects of policing.

Questions which guide the Network activites include:

  • How can we incorporate evidence-based policing into all police education?
  • What are the most significant differences that we need to attend to - both differences in individual learning needs, and differences in diverse contexts of policing?
  • How can we assess learning most effectively at different career stages?
  • What would rigorous leadership development in policing for the future look like?
  • What is police leadership?
  • What makes police leadership special in the European context?
  • What can we learn from innovations for professional education in other public service professions - e.g. medicine, social work, nursing, emergency services?
  • How can we facilitate co-production of knowledge and evidence related to policing and police organising?

Significant features of the Network include:

  • The development of Knowledge Transfer activities;
  • The promotion of Practitioner Research.

Network Steering Group

Associate Director and Chair:

Dr Denise Martin,
Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice
University of the West of Scotland

Academic Members:

Dr Andrew Wooff,
Lecturer, School of Life, Sport & Social Sciences
Edinburgh Napier University

Dr William Graham

Lecturer in Criminology
Abertay University

Professor Annette Robertson,
Senior Lecturer in Criminology. Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology
Glasgow Caledonian University

Police Liaison:

Police Scotland.