Thematic Networks

Network 1: Police-Community Relations

This network provides a focus for independent research concerned with the relationships between police and the communities they serve. This relationship is a major factor in determining the effectiveness of policing. For example, a positive relationship might be expressed in communities' willingness to cooperate with the police in solving crime. By contrast, a negative relationship might be reflected in communities' reluctance to help the police and, potentially, by a breakdown in public order.

In addressing these issues the network draws upon research expertise across a range of academic disciplines, to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of complex areas such as the policing of vulnerable and difficult to reach populations and how interactions between the police and individuals or groups can be managed to reduce the risk of conflict. Through close collaboration with police and community stakeholders the network ensures that research results impact on police policy, procedure and practice.

Network Steering Group

Associate Director and Chair:

Dr Megan O'Neill
Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences,
University of Dundee.


Academic Members:

Dr Liz Frondigoun, 
Senior Lecturer,
University of the West of Scotland.

Dr Niall Hamilton-Smith, 
Senior Lecturer,
University of Stirling.


Police Liaison:

Mark Sutherland,
Police Scotland.

Mandy Paterson,
Police Scotland.

James Royan,
Police Scotland.

Caine McIntyre,
Police Scotland.

Andrew Todd,
Police Scotland.

Tom McMahon,
Scottish Police Authority.


External Stakeholders:

John Wood,